Impacts of Contaminants on Off-Site Liability

Impacts of Organic Plumes Discharging to Surface Water

Many contaminant plumes are discharging or will ultimately discharge to surface water (rivers, lakes, or wetlands), however little is known about the impacts on the surface water quality or ecosystem. Field studies focus on examining the degradation occurring in the bottom sediment and on the concentrations in the surface water where dilution and volatilization to the atmosphere occurs. There is, however, need for an improved scientific framework for understanding and predicting these impacts and especially in building linkages with ecosystem health researchers.

Subsurface Migration of VOCs Impacting Indoor Air

Development of improved field sampling methods and numerical models to assess and predict vapor migration through subsurface pathways (vadose zone, subsurface infrastructure) into indoor air with emphasis on low-cost, robust monitoring and models including strong influences of geologic and infrastructure complexity.