Principal Investigators




Expertise Focus

John Cherry
University of Guelph Contaminant hydrogeology
Beth Parker
Associate Director
University of Guelph High-resolution, field focused contaminant hydrogeology
Tom Sale
Associate Director
Colorado State University Immiscible phase processor monitoring in situ remediation
Tom Al University of Ottawa Environmental geochemistry: processes at the microscopic and pore scale
Mike Annable University of Florida Contaminant behaviour analysis, in situ processes measurement
Ramon Aravena University of Waterloo Environmental isotopes
Emmanuelle Arnaud University of Guelph Geology
Andrew Binns University of Guelph Sediment transport, hydrology
Jens Blotevogel Colorado State University Emerging contaminants
Susan De Long Colorado State University Environmentally sustainable biotechnologies
Rick Devlin University of Kansas Hydrogeology, groundwater contaminants and remediation, aquifer characterization, reactive transport
Kari Dunfield University of Guelph Environmental microbiology
Tadeusz Górecki University of Waterloo Analytical and environmental chemistry
Jay Ham Colorado State University Environmental physics and micrometeorology
Kirk Hatfield University of Florida Contaminant behaviour analysis, in situ processes measurement
Daniel Hunkeler Université de Neuchâtel Hydrochemistry
Richard Johnson Oregon Health & Science University Physical and chemical behavior of organic contaminants
Jana Levison University of Guelph Groundwater flow and contaminant transport in fractured geologic media
Frank Loeffler University of Tennessee Novel microbial processes to advance understanding of natural and engineered systems
James Longstaffe University of Guelph Behaviour of chemical contaminants 
Doug Mackay University of California Davis Field experimentation concerning organic contaminant migration and fate
Shaily Mahendra University of California
Los Angeles
Microbial interactions with chemical contaminants and nanoparticles
Ulrich Mayer University of British Columbia Vadose zone/groundwater processes: lab, field and modeling
Jessica Meyer University of Iowa Contaminant hydrogeology
Peeter Pehme University of Guelph Borehole geophysics
Erica Pensini University of Guelph Soil remediation
Orfan Shouakar-Stash University of Waterloo Environmental isotopes
Colby Steelman University of Guelph Surface geophysics
Andre Unger University of Waterloo Numerical modeling: water, DNAPL and gas flow/transport