Research Themes

Site and Contaminant Characterization

Improved Methods for Characterization of Contaminated Sites Development and field demonstration of improved technologies, methods and strategies for accommodating geologic and contaminant complexities such as contaminant mass distributions in low permeability zones, multiple sources; identification of sampling scales commensurate with the hydrologic complexity; use cores, analyses and borehole testing strategies to achieve cost effectiveness in … Continue reading Site and Contaminant Characterization

Remediation Technologies

In situ Technologies for Remediation of Source Zones Development of improved versions and / or understanding of CHEMOX, in situ biothermal technologies, improved understanding of the role of geologic heterogeneity and contaminant mass distribution in low-permeability zones as impediments governing performance of source zone remediation technologies ; development of improved design models for remedial systems … Continue reading Remediation Technologies

Knowledge Translation and Transfer

Publish research results in highly respected, peer-review journals, inform and influence the regulatory community towards use of rigorous, highly credible science in the formulation and administration of regulations and guidance documents, presentations at conferences, meetings and service on advisory panels and committees.